Double-Entendre of the Year: Backdoor Cutter

It’s with great pleasure — and a blood alcohol content cheerfully north of zero — that the editoriat of NotGraphs announces the Double-Entendre of the Year for 2012: backdoor cutter.

The Double-Entendre of the Year is an award intended to celebrate a base-and-ball term that marries function with the slyly transgressive. It’s chosen by our Highly Reputable and Totally Real Think Tank during their annual team-building retreat to the coastal city and carnal playground of Dubrovnik.

A brief list of previous winners:

2011: Front-Hip Sinker

2010: Fisted Single

2009: Donger

2008: Fisted Single

2007: Fisted Single

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Too bad things like “And Mattingly gave that ball a mustache ride out to right-center” were never said with any frequency…