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FanGraphs Corrections: 10/29 – 11/02

FanGraphs welcomes comments and suggestions, or complaints about errors that warrant correction.

Here are the corrections and clarifications from last week:

• Despite Jeff Sullivan’s claims to the contrary, there is no silent -z- in Babe Ruth’s name.

• CEO and Founder David Appelman omitted a zero from the author’s monthly paycheck. He regrets and error and will rectify it immediately, one assumes.

• Dave Cameron misspoke on FanGraphs Audio when he said he “detested” that program’s host. In fact, he loathes the host.

• Prospect analyst and Canadian citizen Marc Hulet is trying not to end every question with the word eh — and just to say it quietly to himself, instead.

• In his heartrending piece on a father and son’s tearful reunion at Fenway Park after years of bitterness following the loss of their wife/mother, Dayn Perry neglected to mention his genitals.