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Feast of Stanhouse the Very Orange

Today is February 12th, the birthday of Don Stanhouse. That fact, and the fact that I have created the GIF below should be enough to declare today the next NotGraphs Feast Day — the Feast of Stanhouse the Very Orange.

To celebrate, a brief hymn:

Don Stanhouse — more like
Dong Manhouse, amirite?
Please do spread them
then smoke them all
as Earl smoked them all
while watching you smoke
them all.
Then you’d smoke together
to celebrate.

Dong Manhouse indeed.
(Image from Baltimore Sun file photos.)

Remember Du Quoin, Don,
which is served by a daily newspaper,
the Du Quoin Evening Call.
Du Quoin is also served by radio station.
But Du Quoin is mostly served by its memory
of birthing you
your Marxen coiffure difficult to push through
into being —
your charm even more so,
both irreplaceable once arrived.

So now you consult
the venturing of capital
where once you consulted the wide mouth
of a Schlitz can
so now your hair’s as white as your Escalade;
so now you’re not so unusual —
oh well.
You seem happy,
which is more than I can say
for the rest of us all.