Finally, Technology Helps Humanity

Tired of German geniuses employing their vast intellect to invent super bombs? Exhausted from the onslaught of innovation that brings only violence, terror, and Kardashians to your front door?

Well, we finally have a tool that will allow us to ingest more baseball while watching live baseball — we finally have a legitimate use for the great Google Glass experiment:

That’s right. It starts here. It starts with basic pitch-by-pitch data. Eventually Google will wise up and make full glasses (with transparency and sunglasses modes) so that I can go to, say, a Mariners and Rockies inter-league matchup and use my Google Glass to watch fullscreen HD feeds of, say, a Rays and Yankees game because who on earth would care about a Mariners-Rockies matchup?

Oh, behold, a bucket of greasy ballpark thanks to Frank Spinillo for passing along the relevant data — all without a Google Glass, too!

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