GIF: Angel Pagan Would Like A Moment

Just a second, actually, to shaving cream pie himself in the face.

Now, this GIF isn’t hot, it happened over the weekend, but I, along with my fellow Canadians, was busy celebrating the birth of Queen Victoria. But, anyway, that’s Pagan being a good teammate, right there. Actually, a great teammate. Why should Panda have to do all the work? He went to all the trouble to make the shaving cream pie, and Pagan knows it’s coming, so why shouldn’t Angel chip in, and do some of the heavy lifting? That’s why the San Francisco Giants are winners, a Wild Card contender, and undefeated in games that involve shaving cream pies. You can’t argue with math.

Shaving cream pies for these two Tumblr accounts: Daily Dose of Baseball and And that’s the ball game.

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