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GIF: Fernando Rodney Plays Baseball for First Time

The NotGraphs Investigative Reporting Investigation Team has uncovered years-old footage this evening of major-league relief pitcher Fernando Rodney playing baseball for the first time ever in his life.

The reader might mistakenly suppose that, because Fernando Rodney looks like a grown man in this video and because he’s wearing a Tampa Bay Rays jersey (i.e. the team for which he currently plays) and because said footage is very clearly taken from the Rays television network and because it also includes Carlos Pena, a current teammate of Rodney’s — for all these reasons, a reader might mistakenly suppose that this years-old footage is not, in fact, years old, but actually from, say, a half hour ago.

While, yes, circumstantial evidence certainly appears to suggest that this footage is from this very evening, all such evidence is rendered moot when one considers that even a person who had only played baseball in his wistful, Latin American daydreams would likely field a ball with greater aplomb than Rodney here. Then one is forced to conclude that this is, indeed, years-old footage of Fernando Rodney playing baseball for the first time.

Source: something called GIFULMINATION via Timothy Burke.