GIFage: Santiago Casilla Is Afraid of Ghosts

Casual baseball fans are sometimes confused as to why pitchers, who theoretically should have an in-depth knowledge of pitch sequences and the ways pitches move, are almost uniformly crappy hitters.

Indeed, it’s difficult to imagine that some pitchers — as Giants closer Santiago Casilla did in his second ever big-league plate appearance last night at Miller Park — are so confused in the batter’s box that they appear frightened even of pitches that are not especially close to them:


I don’t know about other instances, but what’s happening here is clear to me: Santiago Casilla didn’t see a pitch, he saw a a ghost — notice the way he checks behind him before stepping back into the batter’s box — and ghosts have always freaked the shit out of Santiago Casilla.

Let it be known: Santiago Casilla does not want any ghosts anywhere near him.

H/T to SB Nation user “Lies and Perfidy” for posting GIFs of every pitch in Casilla’s plate appearance in a post-game thread at Brew Crew Ball.

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I think since the pitchers leg came so far towards Casilla he may have thought the ball was coming at him. Or he saw a ghost.