Glenn Braggs available for team building exercises, heavy lifting, fashion advice, Tommy Lasorda’s gaze

Mayhap your team needs to lighten up down the stretch, have fun as a team, grow trust. Glenn Braggs & Co. can help with that. Allow him to provide a list of services.

Mayhap your team needs someone to move very, very heavy things. Glenn Braggs himself can do that. For fifty bucks!

Tommy Lasorda bids you: Look at that specimen.

You say your team’s players desire to know exactly who among them is able to get away with wearing a half-T while bobbing around the locker room in their respective jocks? For a reasonable fee, a consulting team comprised of select members of the 1991 Cincinnati Reds — including Glenn Braggs — will be able to advise on said.

To this day, when Tommy Lasorda needs to present a “specimen” of human strength, he refers to this video, and to its inadvertent star, Glenn “That Specimen” Braggs:

For a moment, many young men in that locker room, and everyone who watches that video, believes that Glenn Braggs can do anything. Contemporarily, for a price, Glenn Braggs will do anything — and some of us may feel compelled to pay that price (ahem-tommylasorda-ahem).

And yet, when one does a Google image search for “glenn braggs muscles,” one is fully disappointed that neither Glenn Braggs’s muscles nor Tommy Lasorda are anywhere in sight:

Whither the specimen?

Thanks to reader Eric B. for sharing this merry prank with us.

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At RedsFest back in the 90’s I got Braggs’ autograph and shook his hand. It still hurts.