Great Moments in Spectacles: A-Rod

What follows is an image of Alex Rodriguez, invader of boudoirs, at something called a “Professional Hollywood Basketball Game”:

You might notice that Mr. Rodriguez, in this daguerreotype, is both becocked and bespectacled. It is the latter quality that is somewhat surprising. What is also surprising is that Mr. Rodriguez is visibly agape. Is it something he sees? Or has Cindy Crawford, in tones hushed but not hushed enough, prescribed something crude and immodest for him — something that assumes him to be both cad and masher? Careless whispers indeed.

The glasses suggest craft pale ales shall be sipped. The countenance suggest standards of decency shall be reconsidered.

(Love and the making thereof: HBT)

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Nate Ader

Ladies and gentlemen, this has been your daguerreotype douchenozzle of the evening.