Hamilton v. Hamilton

Bleacher Report offers these two links side by side:

Which of course can only mean one thing….

[CUE THEME MUSIC] In a world… where stealing bases is unappreciated, and massively underperforming after signing a huge free agent contract is also unappreciated… two Hamiltons try to move up in the world and help their teams win a World Series. It’s… HAMILTON vs. HAMILTON, coming soon to Netflix. Josh, a former addict hoping he isn’t also a former good player. Billy, a speedy top prospect hoping to be more than just a pinch runner. And, hey, let’s throw in Alexander, a Founding Father who was killed in a duel. Together, they outrun criminals, fight drug abuse, and design federal banking systems.

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I once added 28 lbs in the off season. But I wasn’t on roids, so none of it was muscle.