Happy Fathers Day, Part III

Because Fathers Day is a week-long holiday.

Yahoo had an article last week about the ten worst Father-Son duos in MLB history. I think this article is not terrific.

7. Jose Cano, P/Robinson Cano, 2B –
Jose Cano played in the big leagues for one year. He played with the Houston Astros in 1989. His record was 1-1 with a 5.09 ERA. Nothing special there. Robinson, however, is still active and is currently playing for the New York Yankees. Robinson is on track for a great career, as he’s batting a solid .307 and has already hit 152 homers.

4. Cal Ripken Sr., Manager/Cal Ripken Jr., 3B – Ripken Sr. spent 36 years, beginning in 1957 with the Baltimore Orioles organization. He spent 13 years in the Orioles’ farm system as a player, coach and scout. He spent very little time in the majors as a player. Cal Ripken Jr. played for the Baltimore Orioles from 1981-2001 and is one of baseball’s best. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2007 after a stellar career.

1. Bobby Bonds, OF/Barry Bonds, OF –
I’m probably going to get killed for putting this father-son duo on this list, but I don’t care. Bobby Bonds played from 1968-1981 for eight different squads, including the San Francisco Giants and the 1978 Texas Rangers. He was a great hitter, and he retired with 1,886 hits and 332 homers. Barry Bonds played from 1986-2007 with the Pittsburgh Pirates and the San Francisco Giants. He retired with 2,935 hits and 762 homers. All those with an asterisk.

Um, Robinson Cano is pretty awesome, any duo with Cal Ripken as part of it can’t possibly rank in the ten worst, and Bonds isn’t even worth getting into.

Did the writer of this piece not even bother looking at Wikipedia’s list of second-generation baseball players?

There’s a ton of fascinating stuff here, like:

Mike Bacsik / Mike Bacsik. The senior Mike Bacsik pitched to Hank Aaron when he had 755 home runs. The junior Mike Bacsik gave up Barry Bonds’s 756th. The younger Mike Bacsik got fired from his radio job when he wrote an offensive tweet during the 2010 NBA playoffs.

Dave Bennett / Erik Bennett. Dave had one appearance for the 1964 Phillies. Erik had a 7.81 career ERA.

Joe Berry / Joe Berry. 12 plate appearances combined.

And that’s just the Bs. Thanks, Wikipedia. Tomorrow will conclude Fathers Day week with a special entirely-made-up Fathers Day Ask NotGraphs, unless someone wants to send in an actual question….

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Nick O
Nick O

I’m not quite sure who this Maury “Willis” character he refers to in #9 is…