Hats for the Holidays?

People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.

-Rogers Hornsby

Now you can look out that window in style in the winter months, thanks to this new line of holiday hats from ’47 Brand. The hats feature team logos in Christmas colors (red and green) with a baseball-bat wielding Santa (reminds me of this guy). Some even don the team logo with a Santa-style stocking hat, sure to keep the ears or tops of letters warm.

These hats sell for 18.99, or roughly half of what an Authentic Collection hat sells for. I suppose that makes sense – at least here in Wisconsin, you can count on half of the year bringing wintry weather. That said, this doesn’t seem like anything a serious fan would want to wear, and the main targets for this would probably be unsuspecting gift buyers like Secret Santas. (Note to any Secret Santa of mine: don’t buy me one of these hats.)

What this really suggests to me is that these hats must be incredibly cheap to make, as ’47 Brand can apparently afford to produce this highly specific line of hats which doesn’t have much appeal to any hardcore type of fan – the type of fan that would spend money on hats. Perhaps I’m merely a Grinch, though, and am merely looking at the world with nary a hint of holiday spirit.

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lar @ wezen-ball

But check out the other version of the holiday hat, with the snowman on the back. I mean, look at the snowman’s Santa cap! That’s the type of thing people pay big money for in 20 years…