Hot Rookies ’89-90, H-M

Part One is here. This is Part Two…

Names from Score’s Baseball’s Hottest Rookies 1989-1990 Book & Card Set.
Words selected via Google search (“__________ is”).
Images chosen from the name’s Google image search results

Chip Hale
chip hale is lurking on the outside

Erik Hanson
erik hanson is upset about the harsh reality of working the web

Pete Harnisch
pete harnisch is the fifth player in franchise history to be named pete

Gene Harris
gene harris is a large framed picture of a pencil

Greg Harris
greg harris is also known as the “bad greg harris”

Lenny Harris
lenny harris is still alive and out there somewhere

Charlie Hayes
charlie hayes is a wonderful $5 player in my opinion

Eric Hetzel
eric hetzel is right for them

Greg Hibbard
greg hibbard is back

Ken Hill
ken hill is experiencing

Jeff Huson
jeff huson is insane enough

Gregg Jefferies
gregg jefferies is one enthusiastic mo fo

Dave Johnson
dave johnson is abstract humour in japanese

Randy Johnson
randy johnson is tall and skinny

Ron Jones
ron jones is lookin’ sweet

Tim Jones
tim jones is a badass

Jeff King
jeff king is currently producing a solo project entitled “the waking dream”

Randy Kramer
randy kramer is a self

Chad Kreuter
chad kreuter is stupid

Derek Lilliquist
derek lilliquist is also a wizard

Greg Litton
greg litton is born in new orleans

Scott Lusader
scott lusader is apartheid???

Kevin Maas
kevin maas is the greatest ballplayer who ever lived

Kelly Mann
kelly mann is the winner of a $400 ticket and a date with the daughter in the super bowl bachelorette contest

Carlos Martinez
carlos martinez is not the monster

Ramon Martinez
ramon martinez is making you dream

Tom McCarthy
tom mccarthy is his name

Ben McDonald
ben mcdonald is too small for his age and very shy

Hensley Meulens
hensley meulens is going to be an astronaut

Bob Milacki
bob milacki is born

Hal Morris
hal morris is offline

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Summer Anne Burton is a writer and illustrator living in Austin, Texas. She is drawing pictures of Every Hall of Famer.

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Dr. Feelgood
Dr. Feelgood

Pete Harnisch, breaking baseball’s Down Syndrome barrier.