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How Much is a World Series Patch Worth?

For most, championship runs are seen as time to celebrate the accomplishments of team and individual and to revel in the rarity of being the best on the world. For others – for the greediest among us – it is seen merely as a merchandising opportunity. As teams win their divisions and advance through the various rounds of the playoffs, apparel companies churn out more and more shirts and caps and other miscellaneous items. Not only does this new merchandise tend to cost loads of money, but it also make the items released prior obsolete.

The item pictured above (also available for the Rangers) is the authentic, on-field Giants cap with the World Series patch on the side. This piece of playoff memorabilia doesn’t suffer those typical symptoms. It isn’t garish, but it commemorates the event of the 2010 World Series effectively. Particularly as someone who enjoys the Authentic Collection, this hat would fit right in to my collection.

Most importantly, though, to answer the title question, the patch doesn’t significantly add to the cost of the hat. The standard Authentic Collection hat costs $33.99 against the $35.99 for the World Series version.

Playoff merchandise is probably my favorite subset of sports apparel, as it allows me to both support my team and gloat at the same time. As such, I really appreciate an appealing piece of playoff apparel, and the World Series patch hats certainly fit the bill for me.