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Interleague Baseball Has a Logo

This is slightly late, naturally, with the first round of MLB’s interleague play having concluded this past weekend. My Milwaukee Brewers were not involved, but we were still treated to some excellent rivalries that elude us during boring old intraleague play, including but not limited to: Seattle vs. San Diego! Minnesota vs. Arizona! and Detroit vs. Pittsburgh!

Ah, the memories. But I digress. One thing that caught my eye on MLB.com as interleague play raged onward was this largely hidden logo used for interleague play:

Via SportsLogos.net, click to embiggen.

The imagery is clear: two eagles, one representing each league, fighting over a baseball, much as the teams and leagues fight for superiority on the field. Personally, I think it’s a solid logo, although I think it would be improved by using more lifelike eagles as opposed to the semi-cartoony look employed here.

What do you guys think. Is it a good logo? Should it be featured more?