It’s About the Makeup


PHOENIX, Ariz. — R.A. Dickey, who started Team USA’s opener in the 2013 World Baseball Classic, set a few things straight when asked about the team and its chances. “It’s not about the names. It’s about the makeup,” said Dickey, emphasizing that any gap in the Americans’ star power will be amply filled by mascara and rouge. Asked about his teammate’s comments, David Wright added: “Listen, don’t get me wrong, we’re all going to leave it all out there and hopefully come home with a trophy. But let’s be real — the main reason I’m here is to look completely fabulous in front of an international audience.”

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Don Zimmer's jowl sweat
Don Zimmer's jowl sweat

It`s about being a gamer. Having grit. “Playing the game the right way”. Selecting the right eye shadow. And so on.