Jason Kendall’s Biggest Fan

As a four-times-a-week NotGraphs writer, sometimes it is hard to find new things to write about. And sometimes posts so magical, so incredible, so absolutely must-post-able just fall into your lap when you’re barely even looking. Sure, I was browsing on Amazon, looking at the pages for some recently-released baseball books, wondering whether Jerry Reuss or Jason Grilli will sell more copies of their respective books… when I came across this review of Jason Kendall’s new book, “Throwback.”

I am just going to present this review, in its entirely, because this, fine readers, is the reason the Internet exists:

Yes, this review was helpful to me. Yes, yes, yes, fifty thousand times yes!

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I remember reading somewhere, when Kendall was with Oakland, that he once ran into someone in Pittsburg who had named his son Jason, and his daughter Kendall. I also remember a reference to a tattoo of Kendall’s face on someone’s leg. I am desperately searching to verify both of these facts.

Kendall obviously has many tremendous fans. Who doesn’t love slappy catcher grit?