Jeff Karstens: Afro’d Robot

NotGraphs reader and Pittsburgh Pirates fan RamboDiaz brought the following Twitter interaction between Pittsburgh Tribune-Review writer Dejan Kovacevic and Twitterer Robert Sosko to the attention of Hot NotGraphs Hotline:

RamboDiaz also reminds us “that it is no longer the 1970s, and has not been for at least 20 years….” Those NotGraphs readers capable of performing simple math, or those with a calculator at the ready should be able to confirm this. (I needed a calculator.)

The same readers will also note that it will be at least 20 more years until we are once again in the ’70s, when such coiffure might once again assist one in maximizing one’s hubba-hubba.

While RamboDiaz seems to be suggesting that Mr. Karstens is behind the times, we might also consider that he’s ahead of his times — by at least 20 years!

In fact, we might even be so bold as to consider that Jeff Karstens is from the future. Indeed, these additional images suggest as much:

Jeff Kartsens: Re-Kafoobling the Energy Motron Since 2012.

I know now why you cry, Marty. But it is something that I can never do.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that Jeff Karstens is from the future.

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