K. Hrbek and R. Gant Make Love, War Simultaneously

For those who were too young to watch — or just didn’t care about — Game 2 of the 1991 World Series, the abovely embedded image appears merely to be a depiction of the Kama Sutra maneuver known as the Melancholy Sea Captain.

Those familiar with the aforementioned game might be amused to discover that a bobblehead of the very famous Ron Gant/Kent Hrbek contretemps (pictured below) is being distributed as we speak to 10,000 friendly faced Minnesotans at Target Field.

Relive the excitement of the event via this low-resolution daguerreotype:

Historical event brought to author’s attention by THE Dan Lurie.

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Ahh I remember staying up late to watch this series with me dear ol’ Ma.

The still doesn’t show the total awesome of Hrby basically pulling Mr. Gant off the base and the subsequent sheepish grin as he basks in the adulation of the screaming masses, content with the heist he has just pulled off in front of millions. I loved every single second of this series and my throat was hoarse the day after game 7. Never will a moment in baseball capture my imagination as well.