Lazy Weblog Post: Wladimir Balentien Homering in April

Shortly after finishing his (likely flawed) translation apropos Wladimir Balentien‘s pursuit of Japan’s single-season home-run record, the present author pointed his internet browser to YouTube, intent on consuming footage of that same gigantic Dutchman hitting at least one of his 52 home runs this season.

With a view both to (a) giving the reader a head start in his/her own pursuit and also (b) producing content out of almost nothing at all, the author has embedded here above-average video of Balentin’s eighth home run this season, from back at the end of April.


Furthermore — and at no extra cost to the reader — here’s an animated GIF which captures what might be called the “heart and soul” of the footage above.

Balentien HR

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That’s a nice softball swing there. Watch his front foot open up!