Learn French from a 1991 Edition of Expos Magazine!


How and/or why the author has acquired an edition of Expos Magazine from April of 1991 is beyond the scope of the current post. What’s entirely within its scope, however, is the following collection of French phrases found inside the aforementioned periodical — phrases of use in any occasion, as one can see!

Ivan Calderon: l’élevage des coqs son passe-tempe préféré.
Ivan Calderon: his hobby is raising roosters.

Vous ne faites pas qu’alimenter votre voiture. Vous alimentez des rêves aussi!
You’re not just fueling your car. You’re fueling dreams.

Ce fut très amusant, et les $50,000 qui étaient rattachés au premier prix constituaient un très bon élément de motivation.
It was a lot of fun, and the $50,000 was a pretty good incentive.

Appelez-moi M. Charles. Jamais Charlie.
Call me Mr. Charles. Never Charlie.

Le meilleur smoked meat au monde.
The world’s best smoked meat.

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