List: Every Fan’s Name at the China-Cuba WBC Game

As the tweet here indicates, the China-Cuba World Baseball Classic game this morning was attended by few enough people such that Baseball America’s Ben Badler — who’s in Fukuoka, Japan, for Pool A play — could actually count them all with his own eyes.

The sum he found? About 86.

Assuming that about half of attendees were affiliated with some major-league organization or another, we might conclude that there were 43 paid fans at the aforementioned contest.

What follows is either (a) a list of all those fans or (b) the first 43 names produced by a random-name generator on the internet.

You decide!

01. Gamil Hisham Abatangelo
02. Morgan Antiman Amantea
03. Brutus Martin Amsel
04. Ívarr Firefight Audley
05. Mani Nelu Beck

06. Maximinus Jarl Beringer
07. Adalhard Stígandr Mac Branain
08. İlkin Lael Carver
09. Paramonos Caspian Chase
10. Romanus Kapil Crawford

11. Virgílio Przemysł Enns
12. Yamanu Karol Evers
13. Sergio Caj Ewart
14. Khariton Olufunke Foth
15. Noga Florry Gary

16. Xiang Wibawa Gore
17. Redmund Urs Geier
18. Pavel Johan Hanraets
19. Cortney Amando Howse
20. Demétrio Sekar Hummel

21. Alf Elon Irwin
22. Miroslav Tlaloc Jeffries
23. Egil Leopold Kauffmann
24. Dudda Ilbert Knutson
25. Marvyn Nasir Lam

26. Reneer Bastien Lawrenz
27. Themistocles Hjalmar Legrand
28. Alfr Cicero Leon
29. Adalhard Stígandr MacBranain
30. Lubbert Gwillym MacPharlain

31. Mansur Cláudio Maki
32. Toygar Stefan Marconi
33. Berko Caradoc Melville
34. Epiktetos Lalita Merle
35. Aghi Prem Minkov

36. Ragnarr Klement Nevin
37. Alvar Lior Penner
38. Wilmǣr Methodius Pocock
39. Nilam Ásgeirr Rapp
40. Darwin Andris Reznicek

41. Tim Fungai Sacco
42. Hunberct Norman Salvage
43. Cynbel Philandros Yamamoto

In conlcusion, here’s a name randomly generated using a combination of wrestler and Transformer names as inputs:

Perfect Muscles Ice Threat Power Dragon

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Adalhard Stígandr Mac Branain,any relation to Adalhard Stígandr MacBranain?