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Mark Reynolds, Sunflower Seeds, and Complacency

If a picture is, as they say, worth a thousand words, the photograph above — courtesy of The Associated Press, and brought to our attention by charming, witty and all-around delightful NotGraphs reader Nate — is worth at least 3,321 of them.

My initial reaction, upon seeing the photo in my inbox: Mark Reynolds and Kevin Gregg have nothing in common. Followed by: I wonder what flavor those seeds are? I’m all about Original, but Sea Salt & Black Pepper is worthy of much praise.

Over in the forum at Orioles Hangout, where Baltimore’s baseball supporters engage in what I assume amounts to online therapy, they’ve taken “Complacent Reynolds,” captured gloriously in time enjoying some sunflower seeds on the diamond, to new Photoshop heights. There are 28 pages, and, as of Friday afternoon, 406 posts in the thread.

Below are my favorites — please click to embiggen! — via Orioles Hangout user jofalfa:

Orioles fans don’t have much; it warms my heart to know they’ve still got a sense of humor.

Thanks, Nate. I owe you a bag of sunflower seeds.