Mega GIF: Randy Wolf Attempts Rare “Ghost Swing”

Anyone who’s played the backyard variety of base- or wiffle- or even kickball will be acquainted with the idea of the ghost runner. This sort of ghost, second in friendliness only to the very famous one employed by Paramount Pictures, happily replaces us on base, content with moving station-to-station like a phantom Molina brother.

For all the popularity of the ghost runner, however, the ghost swing remains a rare sight, utilized by only the avantest of sporting’s garde. Yet it was just such a swing that Milwaukee pitcher Randy Wolf employed in the top of the third inning of Saturday night’s contest against the San Francisco Giants.

As you see in the footage above, San Francisco’s Ryan Vogelsong begins the at-bat with a four-seam fastball to Wolf — to which Wolf responds by leaving the actual bat on his left shoulder and taking a pretty substantial cut right-handed with his invisible bat. The result? That depends. The baseball that you and I see lands in catcher Chris Stewart’s glove for a strike. The one that Wolf was swinging at appears — if we assume that Wolf follows its path with his eyes — appears to land foul somewhere down the first-base line.

Some will call it madness; others, genius. As you might imagine, both parties are right. For now, it’s our duty merely to appreciate Randy Wolf’s brazen declaration on behalf of the whimsical.

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My echo and bunnymen (Dodgers Fan)
My echo and bunnymen (Dodgers Fan)

No, only those who see the genius in his swing are correct. If I was Vogelsong, I would duck for my life as I have no idea where that bat went. Psychological warfare.