Mo Vaughn Will Absolutely Take Out the Trash

When it comes to fighting his own battles, above-it-all Aaron Sele can scarcely be bothered. If he happens to prod and poke George Bell to the point of brandishing soup-bones, then, well, perhaps someone else more comfortable with the thankless toil of beating ass will do above-it-all Aaron Sele’s work for him. Luckily for above-it-all Aaron Sele, Mo Vaughn, whose chest is a barrel made of boulders and also filled with boulders, is preternaturally delighted by the prospect of taking out the trash …

The Garbage Man Cometh

Have we just witnessed an example of “taking out the trash” or “making love the Mo Vaughn way”? Yes.

Most of all, file under “Classic Fu*king Brawls.”

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Danny Knobgobbler
Danny Knobgobbler

May I suggest the Pat Corrales – Dave Stewart karate brawl for the next installment? You might have to dig through your old employer’s natural disaster trash heap for VHS or Beta footage, however.