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More Fun with Word-Pictures


Welcome to 2013, gentle post-apocalyptic readers. 2013 is the future, and in the future, the image shall continue to supplant the written word. To prepare you for this, I have composed a rebus: a rebus pertaining to baseball, and also to a certain upcoming feast day. You shall have no further clues. And for full credit, because I am not the pushover I was last year, you must not only solve the rebus, but provide the names of all individuals represented therein.

As a New Year’s bonus, and courtesy of Wikipedia, here is a charming episode from the history of the rebus:

It is reported that when Voltaire was the guest of Frederick the Great at Sanssouci Palace, they exchanged puzzle notes. Frederick sent over a page with two picture blocks on it: two hands below the letter P, and then the number 100 below a picture of a handsaw, all followed by a question mark. Voltaire replied with: Ga!
Both messages were rebuses in the French language:
deux mains sous Pé, cent sous scie? (= demain souper, Sanssouci? “supper tomorrow, Sanssouci?”); reply: “big G, small a!” Gé grand, A petit! (= j’ai grand appétit! “I am very hungry!”).