Mustache Watch: Travis Snider

Back by something bizarrely similar to popular demand, it’s Mustache Watch!

In this second (and seriously, guys, maybe last) edition of Mustache Watch, we follow multiple leads all directing us to the same notable stache — that is, the one on the upper lip of Blue Jay Travis Snider.

There are multiple names for what we’re seeing here with Mr. Snider, and you’re surely thinking them right now in your head. For my part, I can say this: Mr. Snider’s mustache prompted me immediately to call my little sister, make sure she was okay, not tied up and captive in a stranger’s basement lair — that kind of thing.

In other news, remember: Mustache Watch (which, come on, may never appear again) is a collaborative effort, depending on hot leads and hot tips and hot everything-else-there-is. Don’t hesitate to alert us to sweet face hair at: not+tips [at] fangraphs [dot] com.

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Great mustache/hair combination on Snider. Probably led to those 2 walks and runs yesterday.