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Name of Park Unknown


In an effort to bone up on ballparks a little bit for an upcoming radio episode, I ventured to my local public library to peruse the stacks. I came across a promising work aptly titled Ballparks of North America by Michael Benson.

With a little time on my hands, I sat down and started to thumb through this. I skimmed through a little until I came upon the first entry listed under Atlanta, Georgia.


Some thoughts:

  1. All ballparks should be built near or on cemeteries.
  2. I consider any team named [City Name] Nine to be the best team ever.
  3. I think the use of the phrase “emerged victorious” is a bit of an understatement, considering the 98-run differential.
  4. Related: 156 total runs.
  5. I love MLB.tv and GIFs and wOBA and the Winter Meetings, and many other things involved with the current game of baseball. But, sometimes, it’s pretty cool to think about how the same game was played and viewed in an unnamed park, next to a cemetery, for four and a half hours and 156 runs, a year after the God-damned Civil War ended. The addition of Bo Jackson is the only thing that could have made this story better.