Nickname Seeks Player: Vote on “Science or Bravery?”

The nomination process, which is not unlike an Iowa Caucus of undaunted clap sufferers, is complete, and the Committee for Acceptable Outcomes has pared the list down to 10. At stake — at dirty stake — is the nickname, “Science or Bravery?

As always, if you are not prepared to vote in accordance with the wishes of the Utmost Culminating Exchequer, then please report to the nearest mass grave. Forthwith!

Thank for you exercising the franchise.

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As he’s not one of the more well-known guys on this list, let me re-state the case for Mr. Craig Breslow.

Science: the dude is a literal scientist. He graduated from Yale with a degree in molecular biophysics and biochemistry. He got accepted to medical school, but chose to sign with the Brewers instead.

Bravery: despite getting released by the Brewers after flaming out in A-ball (and unable to find another organization willing to sign him), he chose to play in the indie leagues rather than go to back to school. Choosing to become an indy leaguer over becoming a doctor is a brave career choice, indeed.


I don’t think “brave” is a word I’d use to describe that career choice. “Principled” is perhaps as charitable as I’d be.


If he played for the Braves, this wouldn’t even be a nickname but rather the title of Mr. Breslow’s autobiography.