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NOMINATION: Baseball Players Who Need Movies

If this doesn’t make for a good movie, then what does?

Jim Morris has one. Joe Jackson has several. Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, and Ty Cobb all have movies — and even Billy Beane has one now — but who still needs one?

This is a potent question because — as we all know — movie executives read NotGraphs with regularlity, so if we as a group decide on, say, the top five players who need baseball movies made about their lives, WE CAN FULLY ANTICIPATE SAID PLAYERS TO HAVE A MOVIE MADE WITHIN THE NEXT TWO YEARS. Counting from the moment we finishing crowd-sourcing the screenplay, naturally.

So who out there needs a movie — players or executives that either do not have a movie about them or only have a crappy one? My first choices include:

Roberto Clemente
“Three Finger” Mordecai Peter Centennial “Miner” / “Brownie” Brown
Branch Rickey *
Ron Santo
Eddie Gaedel
Dick Allen

So whom else deserve consideration? Who on this list does not deserves consideration? Debate, and then we’ll vote.

ASIDE: Which one of you nerds wrote this on Dick Allen’s Wikipedia page? “Dick Allen was a true professional singer. He sang in a high, delicate tenor that belied his powerful body.”