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Now Soliciting: Amusing, Legal-Ish Disclaimers for NotGraphs


Recent reports from myriad reputable media outlets all confirm: FanGraphs is the most popular internet site on the internet. What this means, so far as Fame and Riches and Fame are concerned, is that we can and do have more of them. What else this means, though — especially in light of the main site’s universally beloved redesign, which features NotGraphs perhaps slightly more prominently than before — is that NotGraphs is now being visited more often by a sort of reader who might not be prepared for the sort of charming falsehoods which are this site’s bread and also its butter.

To that end, CEO and founder and noted sexpert David Appelman has suggested that NotGraphs begin featuring disclaimers which speak to the site’s legitimacy, or lack thereof. “Might they be of an irreverent nature?” I have asked Appelman regarding said disclaimers. To which question he has responded by slapping me and cursing my existence. So, yes, is the answer I’m supposing.

The present author has composed five such warnings, each of which is likely to be eclipsed in quality by the bespectacled readership, who are encouraged now to submit their own amusing and legal-ish disclaimers.

1. NotGraphs: The Misleading Voice in Baseball Journalism.

2. NotGraphs: The Names Are Real. The Problems, Likely Fake.

3. NotGraphs: Lies, Damned Lies… End of List.

4. NotGraphs: Missing the Forest and the Trees.

5. NotGraphs: Exercising Due Negligence.