Obligatory Bat-Flip Coverage: Cespedes Wins Derby

YC Flip Real

There are certain things a man must do in this life. Like fight a mountain lion with only his hands, for example. And look up the precise definition of fiduciary at some point, for other example.

A third thing a man must do in this life is both capture via a screencasting application and then render into animated GIF form footage of very Cuban émigré Yoenis Cespedes performing what is known in that island nation as a Bat Flip 140% Especial, Good Job.

Fortunately for the present author, Yoenis Cespedes executed that precise manuever on Monday night at the conclusion of this year’s home-run derby. This post is designed to serve as evidence of same.

Credit to concerned internet citizen Eli Nellis for bringing the author’s attention to this especial event.

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His raw, bat-flipping power is truly remarkable.