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Pedro and Scene

A brief episode observed by the author this afternoon, during the pre-game hours at Fenway Park.

Bamino Second
Artwork by the actual Pedro Martinez himself, courtesy Nick Taveras.

Generationally talented and now retired right-hander Pedro Martinez, in town for a local fundraising event, is giving an interview to an elderly reporter in the loge boxes on Fenway Park’s first-base side.

In front, and to the left, of that pair emerges former and longtime Boston pitcher Tim Wakefield from under the stadium concourse, dressed in the sort of golf shirt and chino-style pants in which a ballplayer-turned-studio-analyst is compelled by the universe to dress.

“Tim!” yells the reporter, trying to get Wakefield’s attention. “Tim!”

Wakefield turns around, sees the reporter, sees Martinez.

“Pedro,” he says, recognizing his former teammate.

Replies Martinez, laughing: “Tim, you old knuckle.”