Moyer’s Age, Youk’s Shirt: Dotes for March 27

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Here’s what’s in today’s edition of (Not Quite) Daily Dotes:

1. People Who Jamie Moyer Is Older Than
2. Kevin Youkilis Wears Big League Chew Shirt
3. D’Backs “Unveil” Rotation

People Who Jamie Moyer Is Older Than

Thanks to this article, which was posted to the message board of one of my fantasy leagues by the league’s commissioner, I spent too much time this morning looking at celebrity birthdays to see who Jamie Moyer is older than now. For the purposes of creating a list that wouldn’t drive us all insane, I limited myself to people born in 1963 (Moyer was born 11/18/1962) and I mostly stuck to pro athletes who played in the United States, with a sprinkling others for context.

Jamie Moyer, probably to be played by Chris Cooper in MLB: The Movie.

It was fascinating to see how many baseball players especially that had fallen out of my ready frame of reference — i.e. that I consider relics of a previous era in MLB/pro sports — of whom Jamie Moyer was a contemporary. Here’s a short list of people who Moyer is older than:

Ozzie Guillen
Steven Soderbergh
Stan Javier
Edgar Martinez
Norm Charlton
Hakeem Olajuwon
Lenny Dykstra
Charles Barkley
Paul O’Neill
Quentin Tarantino
Chris Bosio
Conan O’Brien
Ken Caminiti
Brian Harvey, NL umpire
Bruce Smith
George Michael (of Wham)
Don August
Jose Oquendo
Spud Webb
Lisa Kudrow
Ron Karkovice
Whitney Houston
John Stamos
Cecil Fielder
Mark McGwire
Fred McGriff
Dale Sveum
Bernie Kosar
Walt Weiss
Terri Schiavo
Charles Oakley
Lars Ulrich
Mel Stottlemyre

In conclusion,

Via Dubsism

Kevin Youkilis Wears Big League Chew Shirt


D’Backs “Unveil” Rotation

It wasn’t a matter of which five pitchers the Diamondbacks will use in their starting rotation that was somewhat surprising but rather the order that manager Kirk Gibson announced on Monday morning.

Is it so hard to believe that Josh Collmenter, who had a better ERA and FIP than both Trevor Cahill and Joe Saunders in 2011, is going to start the third game of the season ahead of his rotation mates? So much a surprise, in fact, that it constitutes and unveiling?

D’Backs manager, Kirk Gibson, noted that the decision was mostly made by looking at “the peripherals,” so there’s that.

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