Phil Irwin Winsome Curveball Status Update

Previously, in these pages, the author has celebrated the virtues of Pittsburgh right-handed prospect Phil Irwin‘s curveball (like here and here, for example).

To say, for the author, that watching Irwin’s curveball is akin to climbing the rope in gym class is nearly an accurate statement. Indeed, for the author, watching Irwin’s curve is like climbing the rope in gym class — but only if also accompanied by the certain knowledge that the untoward and menacing Tim Sprague, a ninth-grader who has gym at the same time and is wont to harass the author without compunction, is tied up with a second length of rope, so as to render him harmless while the author climbs the aforementioned gym-class rope.

All of which is to say, below are three animated GIFs of Irwin’s curveball (all strikes looking) from his first and most recent start for Triple-A Indianapolis (box).

Like this first-inning one to Toledo DH John Lindsey:

Irwin Lindsey CU 1

And this other one to John Lindsey, except in the sixth inning:

Irwin Lindsey CU 2

And this second other one to John Lindsey, also from the sixth inning:

Irwin Lindsey CU 3

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That is a hell of a curve ball. Apparently, however, the Buccos prefer to have Jonathan Sanchez demonstrate his brilliance on the hill every five days.