Photo: John Bowker Holding an Eel

It’s not every day — or even once, really — that you see a professional base-and-ball player (in this case, former Giant and Pirate and Philly John Bowker) holding an eel. It’s all a bit mysterious, really.

Luckily, the above image — which gentleman’s gentleman’s gentleman Patrick Newman has found for us at Japanese site Sanspo — is accompanied by a caption.

While the caption is in Japanese, that’s no problem, really: everything is illuminated by Google Translate, as follows.

Matheson grab a giant eel (left) and Bouka = 10 Sun, Miyazaki city to get a giant eel Matheson (Kumiko Chubachi-shooting) (left) and Bouka = 10 Sun, Miyazaki City (Kumiko Chubachi-shooting)

Pretty self-explanatory, really. Bouka = 10 Sun, Kumiko Chubachi shooting: all the normal stuff you’ve come to expect of this world.

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Big Bouka
Big Bouka

Copying and pasting the English above into Google Translate, translating to Japanese, copying and pasting the new Japanese translation into Google Translate again and translating into English will give you the correct translation:

“Matheson day, grab a huge eel Bouka (left) and Miyazaki (Kumiko shooting Chubachi) days = 10 = 10, Kumiko Chubachi (Miyazaki, taken to get the Bouka (left) and giant Unagimashison )”

In other words, Kumiko is demonstrating what must be typical “Matheson Day” behavior, shooting some Chubachi and grabbing an eel Bouka and Unagimashison. Size is important here. To get a big one, first take some Miyazaki (a brand of Chubachi made by Kumiko). Not sure why that is.

Sounds like a sales pitch to me.