Pirates Secure Winning Season; Clint Hurdle Gets the Old Primanti Bros. Coleslaw Shower

Vinegar-base slaw: far superior.

Hot Facts:

  1. On September 9, 2013, the Pittsburgh Pirates beat the Texas Rangers by a score of 1-0.
  2. It was the 82nd win of the 2013 season for the Pirates, securing them a winning season for the first time since 1992.
  3. In said contest, Gerrit Cole put the team on his back, out-pitching Yu Darvish with seven shut-out innings while striking out nine Rangers.
  4. Instead of Gatorade or another thirst-quenching beverage, the coolers in the Pittsburgh Pirates dugout are filled with fresh and delicious Primanti Bros. coleslaw.

Let these Hot Facts be known far and wide.

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So glad I happened to get curious about ‘put the team on his back.’

Thanks for this.


Also check out his commentary on from Marshawn Lynch The True Meaning of Determination or something like that.

I could really go for a Primanti’s right now. Turkey with extra cheese and hot sauce. Noms.