Pitchers on Toilets

I’ll just be honest: my fondest wish is someday to create an Internet Meme. I dream of taking part in something bigger than myself. I dream of jostling, however minutely, the course of popular culture. I dream of trawling the infosphere’s uncharted seas, leaving ever-expanding ripples of LOLs and WTFs in my wake.

Through years of intensive study, I have isolated three characteristics common to the most successful memes. Simplicity. Repeatability. Shock value. Of course I know that Internet fame is fickle. I know that I’ll need a certain amount of dumb luck, too. And I know that fortune favors the bold. So in the months that follow, you may find this space converted at times into a bustling, cutting-edge Memeboratory as I attempt to brew these ingredients in just the right proportions, always in hopes of catching that serendipitous break that will propel one of my creations to sweet virulence.

Here, then, is my fledgling effort. I call it Pitchers on Toilets. Or, if you prefer, PoTz. Like all great memes, it needs no further explanation.

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I agree with fart.