Please Enjoy: Big League Liniment

Whereas Big League Chew was useful to the lad with a future in cavities and tobacco use, Big League Liniment

… is mighty good and handy for the low-bred toiler with a fussy mule or a case of “trench loins” or a craggy-faced, Dust-Bowl wife about to die in childbirth.

Remember, suffering bastards of the world, if the catarrh doesn’t get you, then a mining disaster will. Or war. So rub some Big League Liniment on your pulverized spine!

Big League Liniment: “Got damn, it hurts!”

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nu? billybaroo?
nu? billybaroo?

This stuff is good stuff. I put mustard on it and eat this sh*t. Wash it down with a pint of Thunderbird. -Old Hoss Radburn