Pondering “Inside Heat” by Roz Lee

A book I have not read but shall at my earliest convenience …

A belt? I thought I told you not to wear anything complicated, you prepossessing jade!

According to an advance review, Inside Heat — so titled because the act of dirty-dirty entails not only the generation of sex-heat, but also the putting of things inside other things — promises to “deliver a sinful sigh of pleasure.”

At this important juncture, the sweat-dappled reader may be wondering what a proper “sinful sigh of pleasure” is quite like. Please allow the author — the author of this post, not Inside Heat (alas and alack) — to demonstrate …

[audio:http://www.fangraphs.com/not/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Review.mp3|titles=Sinful sigh of pleasure]

The story, as you may have anticipated, involves a pediatric nurse, base-ball-ing twin brothers who toil for the right-wise Texas Mustangs and an iniquitous steroid user named Martin McCree, who is surely both cad and masher. I’ll step aside while you begin reading.

What’s that? Worried that the unflinching baseball realism within will fly over your head and leave you thumbing through for the italicized descriptions of coitus? Fear not! A review from customer most satisfied:

A++ Home run! March 11, 2012
By Willow S.
Format:Kindle Edition
Inside Heat is a masterfully written love triangle that made me feel like I was truly a part of the baseball world. The tension and passion between the characters is ratcheted up in concert with the mounting excitement of the Mustangs record-breaking season. I felt drawn into the game and the lives of the players, and to Megan–a nurse who (like me!) didn’t know much about baseball until she fell for Jason and Jeff. You don’t need to love baseball to enjoy this book, but if you do, you’ve just found an amazing sports-related romance you won’t want to put down. Go Mustangs!

Fears allayed? Most excellent. Gonads out and up! Let us banquet upon the forbidden!

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I kind of hate how awesome this is.