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Presenting: FanGraphs: the Ringtone


Now is a good time to be a fair reader of these electronic pages, fair reader. You see, FanGraphs is gaining traction as they say, becoming relevant in the larger world. Harold Reynolds invoked the name of Dave Cameron without either party’s head exploding. Vin Scully, baseball’s granddad, uttered the actual Uniform Resource Locator of the site in such a manner that he only kind of sounded like he didn’t know what he was talking about, but no more so than usual.

Dare I say, is it finally cool to read FanGraphs? Would this be something you admit to your friends or slip into your Match.com dating profile? If you feel it is, the below audio is for you. Take the FanGraphs ringtone and blare it loud in concert halls, doctor’s offices, city busses, etc. to show that you are a proud reader.  Have your mom call you on the hour, every hour, until everyone in your immediate surroundings know EXACTLY where you go to get in-depth baseball analysis.

(Please feel free to download liberally for putting in your phone/blasting from your whip.)

Also, for reference:


(h/t to reader The Return of Rambo Diaz for the inspiration)