Primer Video: Hitter BABIP

What is BABIP? Why did Jose Hernandez have little nubs for hands? How does BABIP affect me and my children and my fantasy children? These are the hard hitting questions that my latest video, “Hitter BABIP: Yet More Dragons and Such,” tackles.

Pro Tip: Click on yonder YouTube gear and crank that business up to 720p.

Have an idea for another video? Have a complaint? Even better: Have a compliment? Let me know in the comments.

These videos only take about ∞ hours to make, so I should have the next one out shortly after I reincarnate as a dragon.

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Bradley writes for FanGraphs and The Hardball Times. Follow him on Twitter @BradleyWoodrum.

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Great video. Helps to clear the air on the mystery that is BABIP