Revisiting a Blockbuster That Is Now Actually a Key Bank


Earlier today, managing editor Dave Cameron published a post entitled Revisiting a Blockbuster That Was Actually a Heist, in which he (i.e. Cameron) examines the trade that sent Ken Griffey Jr. from Seattle to Cincinnati in exchange for Mike Cameron and other assorted pieces.

At almost that same moment in America’s history, the present author was actually living in Seattle’s very pleasant Wallingford neighborhood. Not very far from his house at that time: a Blockbuster Video* location, on the corner of N 45th St and Densmore Ave N.

Revisiting that Blockbuster via Google Maps, one finds now a Key Bank location (pictured above). “Things change,” is perhaps the lesson there. “All but 50 Blockbusters worldwide have closed as of January 2014,” is another lesson available to anyone who spends more than 30 seconds with the relevant Wikipedia page.

*It’s possible that the store in question was actually a Hollywood Video. “I don’t care,” is the author’s response to that sort of “factual information.”

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