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Rod Barajas Is Here to Help

After the operatic goings-on of baseball’s Night of Long Knives, I have the feeling that all of us could use a piping-hot plate of whimsy. Fortunately, funnyman Rod Barajas is here to help.

It has long been said that nothing soothes the fussy infant quite like a Rod Barajas. This is why Rod Barajas is available at boutique toy stores and corner pharmacies everywhere. And that’s to say nothing of the 15-pack of shrink-wrapped Rod Barajases on endcap display at every Costco the world over. Why is the Rod Barajas so popular among sleep-deprived parents? We already told you: nothing soothes a fussy infant quite like a Rod Barajas. Click and be amazed:

Next time the Rod Barajas will change Dee Gordon’s poopy.

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