Sammy Sosa Is on Pinterest, Has Numerous Poses for You

FanGraphs CEO and founder and ubermensch David Appelman has alerted the author to the presence of a Sammy Sosa Pinterest account. Now, said author does the same for all of probably less than 0.00001% of America — while noting, at the same time, that Sosa’s account is mostly just a record of him wearing two outfits in a tastefully decorated home-office.

The internet visitor does, however, become slightly more acquainted with how Sosa might react in certain, more routine and workaday situations. Here, for example, is what Sammy Sosa looks like when you interrupted him using his smart phone, but he’s not upset about it:

Sosa 1

And here’s what Sammy Sosa looks like when you suggest the new steakhouse off the belt line for dinner tonight:

Sosa 2

And here’s what Sammy Sosa looks like when you ask him to pretend that a computer monitor is his biggest fan, let’s get a photo of you two together, how about:

Sosa 3

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Sammy is keeping his eyes on you, Cistulli: