Singing, Pizza, Mustache Combo

For some reason, this seemed like a baseball thing.

You know what. With a slight tweak, it really IS kind of baseball-y.

A slice of Di Fara’s to Patrick Newman.

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With a phone full of pictures of pitchers' fingers, strange beers, and his two toddler sons, Eno Sarris can be found at the ballpark or a brewery most days. Read him here, writing about the A's or Giants at The Athletic, or about beer at October. Follow him on Twitter @enosarris if you can handle the sandwiches and inanity.

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Alf Jarrald

You know, Rollie Fingers’ handlebar is not very bushy. Furthermore, allegations of performance enhancing moustache wax renders the icon with an air of Dali-esque silliness: one of the most, nay, the most over-rated upper-lip of, like, ever.

These other gents, are they not donning lowly chevrons?