Some Common Phrases GIF-ustrated: “Wizardry”

Here is Ozzie Smith, doing what he did — i.e. turning all balls hit within 40 feet of him into outs.

Here is the video for the same, for people who have little patience for the above “Eno Sarris Style” GIF:

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The contrast between the reaction to a “highlight reel Play” now and 35 years ago is staggering.

“I really didn’t feel the impact of until the following morning, they were still talking about it on the radio” Smith said.

Think of all the ways a play like that would get sourced as content if it was to happen in 2013….. Now take a moment to meditate on the Legend that is Ozzie by radio voices in your home and car. It’s something that you likely would never see even if you were at the game. Was slow motion even available at the time?, if the game was not filmed at a faster speed for the specific purposes of of slow-mo? If so at what cost, and to what demand?etc…

All in all a wonderful example of insight to the growth/development of the game by how the narrative has evolved into an examination.

+1 Power GIF!