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Tampa Bay Rays: Cosplay Masters

Every MLB team has a lot of fun with rookie hazing, typically requiring the young ‘uns to dress in the most humiliating of outfits to celebrate their entry into the Wealthy World. The Rays are no exception to this tradition and last night put their rookies through the rigors:

Well, the Rays are not satisfied with just the tradition, choosing to break Halloween’s monopoly, playing themed dress up on most every road trip.

Observe their recent Grunge Theme for their road trip to Seattle earlier this year:

And their hockey themed dress up for the 2010 NHL playoffs:

And focus your eyes on their pajama-themed trip for yet another behemoth west coast trip:

And then there was this in the 2010 season:

As well as the majesty of the 2010 Brasyers — plaid Rays-colored blazers:

Name you, say I, a team more spunkified and awesomized than the Rays of Tampa Bay.