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Tastes Perfected at Coors Field

It has come to this author’s attention – via the above tweet and article by ESPN personality/banal number-producer Darren Rovell – that the Blue Moon beverage company has come up with a new beer/wine hybrid. Apparently, the taste for this “drink” was perfected at Coors Field in Denver, CO. Knowing this, the NotGraphs Investigative Reporting Investigation Team searched for, and discovered, other tastes perfected at Coors Field:

Uncle Teddy’s Soup and Wood

Pizza Ice Cream Sandwich (an ice cream sandwich with frozen pizzas as the bread)

Manila File Folder Nachos

Cheese Cords

Open-Faced Car Battery

Gooch Sweat Tea


Deep-Fried Key Shavings

Fettuccini Barfredo

Stick on a Fish