Terrible Photos of Ballparks from the Interstate: Volume I

Today, the author and his wife completed the first leg of a two-day journey in a U-Haul truck from the north of Michigan to an undisclosed location in New Hampshire that will serve as our new home.

Generating weblog content whilst driving a 17-foot truck presents some challenges. For all their virtues, wives are decidedly intolerant of husbands who attempt to perform internet work from within the confines of a driver’s seat. Fortunately, certain ballclubs have done everyone the total solid of constructing ballparks close enough to Interstate 90 so that absurd men with limited ambitions — like the present author, for example — can parlay that into writing of no consequence.

With that in mind, I present the following — which is to say, probably all the ballparks you can see from the stretch of I-90 between Toledo and Buffalo.

All Pro Freight Stadium
All Pro Freight Stadium is located in Avon, Ohio, and serves as home to the Lake Erie Crushers of the independent Frontier League. Here’s a terrible photo of it from the interstate:

Lake Erie

Progressive Field
Known formerly as Jacobs Field, Progressive Field is located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, and serves as home to the Cleveland Clevelanders of Major League Baseball. Here’s a terrible photo of it from the interstate:


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I can’t wait to see US Cellular Field! I can probably help out with Target Field as well.